Online Calculators

Americans For Financial Security is pleased to provide you with these easy to use online calculators that will help you solve some common financial problems.

Lease Calculators

How much can I afford to lease? What interest rate would I need? What would my payments be?

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Retirement Calculators

How much money would I need to start with? Which is better, a regular IRA or a Roth IRA? How much money could I withdraw each month?

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Investment Calculators

How can I save a million dollars? What interest rate do I need to reach my goal? How much money could I save?

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Personal Financing

How long before I pay off my credit cards? How much car can I afford? How much should I save for college?

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Home Financing

Should I rent or buy? How much house can I afford? Is a fixed or adjustable rate loan the better choice?

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